Tone + Flow

This class focuses on targeting all the major muscle groups, such as calves, glutes, quads, core, chest, back, and shoulder/rotator cuff muscles, through specific exercises+yoga poses that will leave you feeling stronger and centered. The practice will open with a short guided meditation/centering before moving into the Tone+Flow practice, followed by a light cool down of deep stretches to increase flexibility and ending the class in rest/savasana. This is an energetic class that combines yoga with movement dedicated to strengthening and toning the full body.  This class is 60 minutes.

Benefits: Strengthens all the major muscle groups, balance, and endurance. Provides a cardiovascular workout as well as a peaceful mind.
Good for: For those who want to increase muscle strength, tone the full body, increase flexibility, lose weight, boost confidence and body awareness, and enjoys a good yogic workout.

Note: Women should wait at least 6 weeks postnatal before attending this class or have a letter from their doctor if wanting to attend prior. 

At Soluna, yoga and movement are not merely a physical exercise, but is practiced with the intention of expanding our mind/body awareness. Our classes are suitable for everyone regardless of experience. Each student’s abilities and limitations are respected and honored.