Prenatal Yoga

Available to all stages of pregnancy and all levels of yoga experience. Prenatal yoga offers multiple benefits–emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Not only does it strengthen the body & mind, preparing the mother for labor, emotionally it strengthens the bond between mother and child at such a sacred time to connect and be present. It aids in creating a peaceful womb atmosphere for the baby and zen mind for mother. Through centering meditation, the flow of pranayama helps the mother to breathe better as the baby moves up into the ribs and lungs. The goal is an added awareness of how the body works to create this child, to bear this child, and deliver with confidence with motherly caring strength.  On a physical level, prenatal yoga helps the body through toning the right places so the body can expand comfortably as the baby grows. It increases flexibility, and strengthens the muscles needed during this time with a direct focus of certain poses guiding mother all the way to delivery day. It brings comfort and ease to the mother’s body and breaks away any aches and pains that may arise.  In each trimester there are specific yoga poses and breathing techniques that are most beneficial. This class also unites expecting mothers–to relate, communicate needs, while sharing emotions and stories, and gathering like-minded mothers with the intention of establishing a motherhood community, a village. For it truly takes a village to raise a child as the saying goes. These classes are designed for all stages of pregnancy, all levels of yoga practice, for first time moms and to experienced yoginis .



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