Crystal Clearing – Sound Healing Session

Crystal Clearing – Sound Healing

Let the vibration of the crystal bowls, paired with channeled reiki energy, cancel and clear any fear in your energy body that is ready to release, re-align your chakra system to the highest vibration of love and create an environment in the body for optimal healing and lightness.

In this 75 minute private session we will:

  • Identify potential thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are blocks to complete wellness
  • Set intentions for the removal or transformation of these blocks and create a specific mantra for reinforcing the intention
  • Release and transform stagnant or dense energy in the body associated with these patterns through sound vibration and reiki work

Benefits of this work can include:

  • Immediate sense of calm and peacefulness during the session that remains afterward
  • Relief of anxiety, depression
  • Alleviate/lessen chronic pain
  • Clarity of life’s mission/purpose
  • Increased joy and happiness
  • Dis-ease transformed into ease and wellness

The benefits of this work are similar to the benefits of yoga – the more frequently you can gift yourself with this kind of love, the greater the benefit, the better you feel. The more your quality of life increases.

This 75 minute private session is offered with Christy at $85 for 1 person and $125 for 2 people.