Restorative Yoga + Reiki

Restorative Yoga+Reiki Private Session:
While holding restorative yoga poses, receive the ancient technique of nourishment and holistic relaxation of Reiki, offered by Tamara Davidson, Licensed Massage Therapist+Reiki II Practitioner & Yoga Instructor. Allow your mind, body, and energetic body to feel fully restored and renewed in this private session. Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga that utilizes props such as blankets and bolsters in a supportive way enabling you to completely surrender in the posture. This allows the body to move towards a state of peace, ease, and balance. This style of yoga soothes the nervous system and allows the release of deeply held tension. Quiet the mind and de-stress in this healing art of deep relaxation. In each restorative posture, Tamara will be offering the nourishing energy practice of Reiki to help promote deeper restoring benefits.
Benefits: Restore the body+mind. Soothe the nervous system. Reduce chronic stress and anxiety. Relax your muscles. Improve sleep. Boost your immune system.
Good for: Individuals seeking inner peace and deep relaxation.

$95 for 75 minute session