Yoga Therapy

In this class, yoga props are used to create an environment for our mind and body to relax deeply. A regular Yoga Therapeutic practice relieves stress and fatigue, soothes and stimulates the organs, regulates blood sugar levels, calms the mind and brings balance and health into the body. When we relax our nervous system deeply our body can then heal itself, which is the greatest medicine. Most of us live in a chronic state of stress, compromising our body’s capacity to heal itself, inhibiting recovery from an existing illness, such as high blood pressure, back pain, digestive issues, immune dysfunction, reproductive problems and depression. The antidote to stress is relaxation & personal transformation. The key to that transformation is our capacity to change negative patterns and behaviors; central to that change is our own natural ability to focus. This class allows the student to tune into their personal needs for transformation, while relaxing the mind and body and reducing stress. Yoga therapy is facilitating the release of blocked energy in the body. When blocked energy is released, the optimal flow of energy is re-established, and it’s through this free flow of energy that the body finds its way back to its natural healing balance.

Using Prana (life force energy) as a medium for healing, learn how Yoga based techniques restore the optimal flow of Prana so that the healing can take place at the physical, emotional, and mental levels.



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