Gentle + Restore

This class is a perfectly blended combination of Gentle Yoga and Restorative Yoga. The first half of the class is dedicated to a gentle yoga practice. This meditative, slow practice will nourish your joints, increase your flexibility, and calm your mind. Gentle Yoga is designed for those that are either NEW to yoga or those that want to build a stronger foundation to their practice. This class puts a strong focus on alignment and getting back to the basics of yoga. It combines Vinyasa Yoga with Yin and Hatha Yoga.
The second half of the class is dedicated to the doing Restorative Yoga. This class allows the mind and body to slow down. The poses are deep and relaxing and held for a longer period of time with the support of bolsters, blankets, and blocks. Restorative Yoga is an easy approach to a yoga practice that is slow and steady. It incorporates yoga props to support the body to help elongate the spine, open the hips, while customizing the poses to suit each student’s individual needs. The class is fitting for students who are new to yoga, students who have physical limitations or are recovering from injury, as well as students who want to have a less rigorous and more relaxing practice. This class nourishes and restores the mind, body, and soul.

At Soluna, yoga is not merely a physical exercise, but is practiced with the intention of expanding our mind/body awareness. Nearly all classes are 75 minutes long, begin in mediation and end in Savasana. Our classes are suitable for everyone regardless of experience. Each student’s abilities and limitations are respected and honored.

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