Are you in search of a Self Reboot?

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June 5, 2015
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Are you in search of a Self Reboot?

Dori CT meditate

We live in a world that demands more of us than ever.  On a daily basis, we are bombarded and over-extended by our commitments to work, family and friends.  When we’re not engaged with others, our time is then spent with glowing faces from our iToys, the television, the computer screen or whatever other technological device is around, tricking us into thinking we feel ‘connected.’  Heck, even when we do unplug and get that sliver of selfish time, it is most often spent just thinking about the next day’s commitments and so on and so forth, until that sliver slips away.  

But what about our most important connection of all?  Self-connection?  It seems the only time we can get away from these persistent distractions is at the end of the day after our head hits the pillow.  And what happens the next day?  We wake up.  We check our email.  We check our Facebook. We go to work and the bombardment begins all over again….  We’ve become so dialed in that even the most precious time we can give to the Self is distracted by others and other things.  Whenever we demand too much of our devices they tend to freeze up on us, asking that we reboot the system.  Have you ever thought that our minds and bodies are asking the same of us?

It is for all of these reasons that we love Reset here at the studio. This class, which is a soulful blend of Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation brings you into the deepest state of rest and tranquility- connecting you to your Self.  When you Reset at Soluna you are guided down to the depths of your pure essence, letting go of incessant thoughts and bypassing those pesky limiting beliefs.  This brings you face to face with the source that is within you, and tunes you in to your very lovely being. In turn you will rise with a renewed sense of spirit and consciousness.  Even more, you’ll sleep better, reduce stress and have a calmer approach to daily challenges.  Maybe we can learn something from our tech toys.  They work great after a reboot, so why not reset ourselves?

Link to Reset class description:

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