Frequently Asked Questions:


Frequently asked questions about Yoga and massages at Soluna.

How early should I arrive before my massage?

You will want to arrive anywhere between 5-10 minutes prior to your spa service. If you are late for you spa service, the end time will remain the same. Should you wish to arrive early or stay later amenities include a spa lounge offering you a relaxing environment with complimentary hot tea, treats, and beverages. Additionally we have two luxurious showers and provide lush robes, towels, shampoo, conditioner, and hair dryers for your convenience.

What if I do not show up for my massage or cancel on the same day as my appointment?

Our cancellation policy is that same day appointments will be charged a $35 cancellation fee. If you cancel within 2 hours or do not show for your appointment you will be charge the full amount of the service. Should you need to cancel or move your appointment we recommend notifying us by giving us a call or email at least 24 hours in advance.

What do I wear during my massage?

We suggest dressing down to your comfort level. However, if you have booked a Thai massage you will want to be fully dressed and wear clothing that allows room for movement.


What about essential oils, I notice you use them sometimes in class and during massages.

When you visit the studio for the first time, you will fill out a waiver. On the waiver, there is a section that asks if you are allergic or sensitive to any scents or have nut allergies. This is where you will want to specify anything we need to know. We will keep this info in your profile to notify the team of any allergies or sensitivities you may have. We are mindful, and will ask permission for using oils in our classes or services. 

New To Yoga? Below are some Frequently Asked Questions.

What should I bring?

Mat, water, small face towel (optional). If you forget any of these items, that’s ok. We have these things complimentary available for use.


What if I’m late to class?

It disrupts the class when students are late. It also affects your own well being by rushing into class. If you know you are going to be late for class, please refer to the Soluna schedule and find the next available class that could work better with your schedule. We lock the door once the class begins.


Then how early should I arrive?

We invite you to ease into class without feeling rushed. Students may arrive up to 15 minutes early to class. If you are coming from work or need to change clothes, we have rooms available for you to change in.

*If it’s your first time visiting our studio, please arrive at least 10 minutes before class to fill out the waiver, get settled in, meet the instructor, and ask any questions you may have.  


What if I get there early?

We offer tea and water at our studio. Arriving early allows the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea or hydrate before class. “Make time for you” is our motto. Make time to wash up or use the bathroom, to meet the teacher or fellow students or simply to sit quietly on your mat and meditate before class.

Should I eat before class?

Yes, a lite snack like a banana or granola bar is ok. It is not recommended to eat a large meal before class. If you are attending a class that is around your regular scheduled meal times, like breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you will want to eat at least an hour before the class begins so that your food can digest properly.

Do you have showers?

Yes! We offer two luxurious ADA compliant showers. Showers are available for our Yoga students who are Annual or Tiered members as well as for our Spa clients who are booking a massage. All amenities are included such as towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and hair dryers.


I noticed your studio uses yoga props, like blocks, blankets, straps, and bolsters. How do I know what to use in each class, and how will I know when and how to use these props?

When you check into class, ask your instructor what props will be used in class that day. Often the instructor will notify you before you ask. Throughout the class, the instructor will let you know when to use the props and how to use them. In time, you will become more comfortable with using props in your practice. Yoga props are essential tools to supporting your body and can be used in just about every pose.


Should I bring my own props?

All props are provided to help you come to class with as little as possible. The only prop you need is your mat and a water.


What if I fall asleep during Savasana?

Savasana is the final pose offered at the end of every class lying down on your mat. It is offered to allow the student to rest the body and integrate after their practice. It is considered more of a conscious sleep. Occasionally, the rest is so deep that you may fall asleep. That is ok. Your body may need that. Should you happen to snore (#nojudgement) or disturb others, the instructor will gently tap you to wake you.

I’m pretty sore from yesterday’s class.  Should I rest or can I still do yoga?

Both. Our Gentle, Restorative, Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy classes would be a good fit for someone that feels sore from the day before.

There are so many types of yoga.  What styles are taught at Soluna?

We offer yoga for everyone. From gentle yoga to advanced yoga, as well as Prenatal Yoga and Yoga Therapy. If you are new to yoga or have any questions about the classes offered, we encourage you to come in during reception hours, call or email us. Let us know your needs and we can suggest the classes that might be a good fit for you. Also, take a look at our class descriptions on the website.

I really like Bikram and Hot Power Yoga.  What class can I attend that is similar?

Our Sol Vinyasa and Sunrise Flow classes are designed for students that like to sweat in class. These classes will leave you feeling like you got a good workout, while feeling stretched and calm at the same time.


I like your studio and I’d like to buy a package.  Do they expire?

If you are visiting our studio for the first time, you will want to purchase our Intro New Student Offer. Once that offer has expired, notice how often you attended class and what classes you connected to the most. This will give you a better idea of what yoga package or membership to purchase.

If you attend yoga at least 2-5 days a week, you will want to purchase a membership. If you are only able to come to class a couple times a month, then purchasing a package of classes would be the better option for you. You can purchase 5 or 10 classes at a time. These packages have 3 and 6 month expirations, respectively. We also offer affordable Tiered memberships to help you to stay consistent in your practice.

What are the benefits of having an annual membership?

Annual Members of our studio receive unlimited yoga and discounts on spa services, workshops, and retail. Becoming a member allows you the opportunity to take advantage of everything we offer at Soluna, at a discounted rate. If you need to cancel, there is just a one month cancelation fee. Life happens, and we get that.

What are the benefits of having a Tiered membership?

It allows you an affordable way to commit to your practice either 4 or 8 times/month. You will likely notice within the first month the benefits of a regular practice. Should you wish to experience more than the allotted amount of classes in your tiered membership the drop in rate is only $10 to attend additional classes.

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