Private Yoga Therapy

Private Yoga Therapy Session: Sliding Scale $80-$110 | 90 minutes

Private Yoga Therapy Package of 6 Sessions: $599

  • What is Yoga Therapy?

    A specific series of poses with props designed to release blocked energy in the body and help the body heal itself physically, emotionally and mentally. This practice allows the student to achieve transformation by restoring the optimal flow of energy. Deepens flexibility & relaxation, which calms the nervous system, soothes and stimulates the organs, regulates blood sugar levels, and changes negative thought patterns and behaviors. This practice is good for all students, especially those with stress, digestive issues, depression, and immune dysfunction.

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This private session is offered on a sliding scale payment option. Pay what you can based on what you can afford, from $80-$110.

For any offsite sessions or sessions including a Sound Bath there is an equipment/travel fee of $25

If you are not able to find your desired day/time please contact us to coordinate.