Costa Rica FAQs

Local Currency info/Cash to Bring

Costa Rica’s official currency is the Colón. The exchange rate averages between 590 – 610 colones to the dollar. However, US dollars are generally accepted in all areas save for some smaller pueblos. If you do spend US dollars, keep in mind that you will receive your change in colones. It is recommended that you bring denominations of $20 or less as higher denominations are often not accepted in local shops and markets. You do not need to change money at the airport. It is recommended to bring $100-300 to pay for any food/snacks, beverages, massage, excursions not included in the retreat, souvenirs, surfing lessons, tipping the taxi driver, tipping the staff, etc. There are also ATM’s nearby if you need more cash.

Helpful Apps

We recommend downloading the free communication app, ‘Whatsapp’. It is very helpful for communicating through data and wifi. If you will be navigating yourself through Costa Rica, before or after your retreat here, the free navigation app ‘Waze’ is beyond helpful to have as most locations have a Waze link that they can send to you or you can look up directly.


There is no need to buy plastic bottles of water, just bring your favorite water bottle and refill at the filtered water station. All water on the property goes through five filters before reaching the rooms and kitchen, and then continues through a diverse filtration process complete with restoring any beneficial minerals pulled out during the filtering, before reaching our water station.


This is your retreat. If you wish to have some beers by the pool and wine, this is a no judgement zone. Glass is not permitted on the pool deck.


Three delicious and wholesome meals (Breakfast and Dinner) will be provided. The shuttle driver will be stopping at a market on the way from the airport, so you can get anything you might want. There is also a small market just a few minute walk from Vida Asana that has snacks/drinks/beer/wine. You will either have a refrigerator in your room or a shared one in a common area to use. You do not need to stay for every meal. You are always welcome to dine out elsewhere for meals. If you are going to miss a meal please let the staff know, as they prepare each meal fresh for the group. A short bike ride away in Playa Hermosa, there are a few restaurants. And a short Uber away is Playa Jaco, which has a plethora of restaurants, markets, and souvenir shops. Christian will also have a vehicle and can give rides to and from Jaco when possible.

Yoga Classes + Mats

We will have a morning practice as well as a sunset Restorative/Yoga Therapy/Yoga Nidra session after dinner. As mentioned, this is your retreat. If you decide to not take all the Yoga classes, that is fine. We do recommend bringing your own mat, so it can bring the energy of your practice in Costa Rica back home, but if you are tight on packing space Vida Asana does have plenty of high quality mats to use.

The Rainmaker Hike

The Rainmaker is a beautiful/guided hike through the jungle passing rivers, waterfalls, and hanging bridges. Though it does have some elevation changes, it is not very strenuous. Any good walking/running shoe or hiking sandle such as Tevas will be appropriate. Wear a shoe that you are okay with it getting wet/muddy. After the hike you will be served a delicious home cooked lunch. This excursion is included in the retreat and is optional to attend. Gratuity to the Rainmaker staff preparing the meal and trail guide is not included. Dori and Christian will gather gratuity from all of the retreaters on the bus while in transit to this excursion. Appropriate tip would be anywhere between $10-20/person. You are always welcome to give more or less.

Cell Phones

We encourage unplugging from technology during the retreat. But if you wish to have your phone able to make calls/texts and/or use data while not connected to WiFi, you can upgrade to a temporary international plan with your provider for a nominal fee.


You may purchase at the market a small bag of detergent to do any hand washing of items in your room and hang them out on the line to dry. Vida Asana does also provide on-site laundry services for around $10/bag (don’t quote us on that price).

Credit Cards

Credit cards are accepted at most locations. There are also secure ATMs near if do not want to travel with a lot of cash. You may want to inform your bank that you will be traveling, so they do not put a lock on your card.

Visa and Passport Requirements

Guests traveling from the USA and Canada (and many other countries) do not need a visa but will need to provide a return ticket or evidence of onward travel to immigration once you arrive. Your passport must have at least 3 months validity remaining to enter the country.

Travel Insurance

As you never know, Travel Insurance is not necessary but recommended. We recommend It is easy and affordable.

Visiting other Locales in Costa Rica?

It’s always wonderful if you are able to fit in some exploring to other amazing places in Costa Rica either before or after the retreat. If you are thinking about doing that, we can happily recommend other places to go adventure.

Daylight and Time Zone

Daylight begins to show ~ 5:15am, with sunrise 5:30am and sunset beginning around 5:30pm. There is no change of clocks at daylight savings time, so relative to the US, Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone in the Summer and the Mountain Time Zone in the Winter. 

Electrical Power

The country uses 120V, 60Hz current, and the same for wall outlets. This is the same as the US, so guests from the US will not need adaptors.


Guests should bring clothes for active daytime, such as hiking sandals/shoes, yoga clothes, beachwear, swimwear, flip flops and casual wear such as; shorts, sundresses, tank tops and anything made of a light material. The nights can be mildly chilly (more so during green season) so a light jacket, or a loose-fitting long sleeve top and light pants are recommended. We also recommend a rain jacket or poncho during green season.


Green season begins at the end of April and continues until mid-December. It is a beautiful time to be in Costa Rica as the lush tropical vegetation is in full force. During the green season, the rain generally, with exception, does not begin until late afternoon or evening, leaving a full day to explore in dry comfort.

Special Dietary Needs

The menu at Vida Asana was created with food sensitivities in mind. The kitchen staff is fully versed in many types of foods and special dietary needs and can accommodate any special request. 


There are no vaccination requirements for Costa Rica.

Guests with Disabilities

Vida Asana is located at sea level and has ground floor accommodations for guests with disabilities. 

Extra Excursions/Massages

If you are wishing to do additional excursions or book massages that can all be arranged and coordinated when you arrive to the retreat center.

Daily Schedule

All of each days activities/schedule will be posted to the bulletin board. Please refer to it daily.


When you arrive to the San Jose airport, you will exit the terminal and go right. The driver will have a Vida Asana sign. Once everyone has arrived you will make your way to the shuttle. There is a small restaurant where you can grab a bite or a drink if you arrive earlier. The shuttle back to airport will depart after breakfast on Saturday.

House Rules:

Check In/Out: Check In – 4:00pm, Check Out – 11:00am.

Pets: Animals of assistance and or guide dogs are permissible. Vida Asana does have pets. 

Code of Ethics: Vida Asana reserves the right to refuse admission and remove from its premises any guest who does not behave within ethical manners and agreeable practices.