3 Benefits of Using a Blanket: Beyond Savasana

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February 11, 2015
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Here at Soluna, we want all of our students and teachers-in-training to not only have the most rewarding yoga practices, but also feel well equipped for them.  We decided to introduce this series as a way for you all to know what these tools are, why we offer them and most importantly, how you can use them in your yoga practice at home or at the studio.

Please read + enjoy.

“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.” B.K.S. Iyengar



3 Benefits of using a Blanket: Beyond Savasana

Yoga blankets are a gentle source of warmth and support at times when a block or bolster seem to be too much.  Of course, these blankets make Savasana heavenly, but they can also provide warmth and relaxation as well as put your joints at ease between yourself and the earth.  Here are a few ways you can welcome this supportive prop into your practice.

Hip Openers

What to use:  Yoga Mat+Yoga Blanket

Why: Warms and Relaxes Muscles. Provides gentle weight to concentrated area of release.

How: (Reclined Bound Angle Pose/Supta Baddha Konasana) Lie on your back and put your legs in butterfly position with toes touching. Place the yoga blanket over the waist and hips.  Relax. For additional support, place a rolled up blanket or a block under each knee.

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Gentle Core Poses

What to use:  Yoga Mat+Yoga Blanket

Why:   To add a little ‘cush’ to your knees. Perfect for sensitive knees or in case your mat feels thin. May we keep the longevity of our fragile knees. This is also a good modification to use for Plank Pose.

How: (Table Top Pose/Neutral Table) Place blanket, folded lightly, on the middle of your mat.  Arrive in tabletop position with hands on the mat, fingers spread wide, shoulders lined up with the wrists.  Make sure your knees are directly under your hips, sit bone lifted and toes curled under.  Take a few slow deep breaths.  Be present. Use this also for any variation in which your knees come in contact with the mat, ie: Cat cows, Balancing Table Pose, Low Lunge Pose, etc.

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Shoulder Support Poses

What to use: Yoga Mat+Yoga Blanket

Why: Warmth and Support for the back and shoulders. And great for those with limitations in your neck or tight shoulders.

How: (Bridge pose/Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) Place blanket toward the front of your mat.  Lie on your back, making sure the blanket sits lined up underneath the shoulder blades, head on the mat.  With feet placed hip distance apart, lift your hips up.  Press into your big toes & heels at the same time to ground down and create a natural lift in the hips. Wiggle your shoulder blades down, clasp hands or lay with palms facing up.  Hold.  Breathe.

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Soluna Yoga+Spa is a retailer of yoga props(blankets, blocks, and straps).

We invite you to visit the studio and find the perfect prop to support your yoga practice.