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Class Descriptions

At Soluna, yoga is not merely a physical exercise, but is practiced with the intention of expanding our mind/body awareness.All classes are 75 minutes long, begin in mediation and end in Savasana.

Our classes are suitable for everyone regardless of experience. Each student’s abilities and limitations are respected and honored.


A meditative, alignment-focused class that combines the fluid movements of Vinyasa and the deep stretching of Yin and Hatha Yoga. Not heated.

Benefits: Nourishes the joints, increases flexibility and strength, improves posture, and calms the mind.

Good for: Level 1. New students and those seeking to build a strong foundation.


A dynamic, physically demanding sequence of postures, blending elements of Vinyasa and Hatha. Gently heated.

Benefits: Strengthens core, balance and endurance. Provides a cardiovascular workout as well as a peaceful mind.

Good for: Level 2 and 3. For those who want to take their practice to the next level.


A slow, powerful yet gentle practice with deep, passive poses supported by props like bolsters, blankets, and blocks. Not heated.

Benefits: Opens hips, elongates spine, releases habitual tension, and calms the central nervous system.

Good for: All students, particularly those who need to relieve stress. Also people who have physical limitations, or are recovering from an injury.

Yoga Nidra

AKA Yogic Sleep. Where Savasana Ends…Yoga Nidra begins. This ancient meditation technique enables you to not only enter subtle realms of consciousness, but also reshape your life and your health.

Benefits: Better sleep, Reduce stress, Improve focus, Restore body’s natural balance.

Good for: All students seeking balance and/or stress relief.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a gentle, simple, (yet not easy) grounding practice which focuses on the deepest connective tissues including joints, bones, ligaments, cartilage and fascial bands within the body.

Benefits: Bring balance and calm to the body, regulates energy in the body, increases mobility especially in the joints, release of fascia throughout the body, make it easier to sit in meditation for longer periods of time.

Good for: All students.

Yin/Yang Yoga

This class combines passive and active asanas with pranayama and meditation for a deep, integrated, satisfying practice.

Benefits: Includes all the benefits above of the Yin practice. The Yang portion will be more dynamic and strengthening. Sun salutions and balancing asanas will work on a more muscular level. The Yin and Yang combined is an excellent balance for a Yoga practice.

Good for: All students.

Prenatal Yoga

Centering meditation, modified Vinyasa flow & held yoga poses adjusted for each trimester and supporting an expecting mother’s growing body during this special time.

Benefits: Increases flexibility, strength and tone so the body can expand comfortably as the baby grows. Creates a peaceful womb atmosphere and prepares the mother for a smooth delivery. Strengthens the sacred bond between mother and child, and establishes a motherhood community through mind/body awareness.

Good for: All stages of pregnancy and all levels of yoga experience.

Yoga Therapy

A specific series of poses with props designed to release blocked energy in the body and help the body heal itself physically, emotionally and mentally. This practice allows the student to achieve transformation by restoring the optimal flow of energy.

Benefits: Deepens flexibility & relaxation, which calms the nervous system, soothes and stimulates the organs, regulates blood sugar levels, and changes negative thought patterns and behaviors.

Good for: All students, especially those with stress, digestive issues, depression, and immune dysfunction.


Chair Yoga

The chair replaces the yoga mat, offering support and stability for seated and standing poses, forward and backward bends, side extensions, and leg and arm stretches.

Benefits: Improves strength and balance, range of motion, flexibility, and relaxation.

Good for:  All stages of life. All levels of yoga experience. People with physical limitations or those seeking a gentler practice. This class is also a good alternative to prenatal yoga.


5 classes


avg $15 per class
(2 month expiration)

10 classes


avg $13 per class
(4 month expiration)

15 classes


avg $10 per class
(6 month expiration)



1 month unlimited Yoga


Paid in total upfront

3 months unlimited Yoga


paid in total upfront
avg. $91/month

6 months unlimited Yoga


paid in total upfront
avg. $83/month

Yoga Memberships

Annual Member Unlimited Yoga


Automatic Draft

Energy Exchange

Thank you for your interest in our Energy Exchange Program. Your involvement in our Soluna community is so important to its success. Your volunteer service includes helping with the opening and closing procedures as well as creating an inviting environment to every student that walks in the door. All students in this program are responsible for arriving early at least 20 minutes and staying after class at least 20 minutes.

Energy Exchange students are expected to commit to a 3 month period which can be renewed as long as both parties are happy and are required to attend the minimum of 2 classes a week. You will be able to pick from the available classes which 2 classes you can consistently commit to weekly.

If you have interest in joining our Energy Exchange Program email along with preferred class days & times. From there we will give you the application to apply and you will be interviewed and then trained.

We look forward to empowering you to receive these benefits: FREE Yoga, Discounts on Spa Services, Discounts on Workshops, and being a part of our Soluna community

New Students

All new students can purchase 5 classes of yoga for only $25(offer good for 25 days). Intro offers on spa services also available.

Studio Policies

We invite you to unplug while at Soluna and ask that all students turn off their cell phone devices and stow away all belongings after you check into class. All new students will fill out a liability form. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for class to give you enough time to settle in, hydrate or drink tea, remove your shoes, and find a spot on your mat in the studio. Please bring your own mat, water, and face towel. Yoga mats, water, and towels are available at the front desk in case you forget. Yoga mats & yoga supplies such as cork blocks, bolsters, blankets and straps are also available for purchase in our yoga wellness boutique. We ask that you keep your voices low during check in and conversations to a minimum once inside the yoga studio. You can reserve your spot in class in advance via MindBody connect online or on your mobile app. Our studio also offers spa services. Please inquire with your yoga teacher after class, book your appointment online or call the studio for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Team Soluna