Safety Measures

What to Expect:

  • Additional spacing will be applied between appointments to allow adequate time for sanitation.
  • After each massage, the Therapist will remove the linens from the massage table and place them in the lidded laundry bin before sanitizing the massage table, face cradle, all countertop services, door knobs, and light switches with disinfectant. The massage table will remain linen free until the next booking. The massage table and face cradle will be sanitized and all surfaces in the room with disinfectant once again before linens are placed on the table.
  • Masks/facial coverage are required for all clients and staff when inside the building and during services. This includes the Front Desk staff, Massage therapists, Teachers, and Yoga students.
  • Therapist is required to wear scrub tops, which will be changed between every service.
  • Therapist’s hands are to be washed before folding laundry. All laundry will be folded on a sanitized surface.
  • After entering the room, you will dress down to your comfort level and then wash your hands before lying down on the massage table.
  • After entering the room, the therapist will wash their hands before massaging the client. 
  • You will wash your hands when the massage is complete before exiting the room.
  • A credit card on file is required when booking appointments. 
  • Contactless payment is preferred at the point of payment. You can use their CC on file as payment for the service. 
  • The following items will no longer be used during services or offered in our spa lounge: 
    • Top comforter on the massage table
    • Table warmer, unless already built into the massage table
    • Eye pillows
    • Face cradle additional padding
    • Warm towels
    • Complimentary champagne or wine
    • Tea
    • Snack jars of cookies and crackers
    • Reading material
  • Cancellation policy: Should you need to cancel their appointment on the day of your appointment, no cancellation fee will be applied. Clients are required to give a 2 hour notice via email or calling the spa should they need to cancel. Should you cancel within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment, a $25 fee will be applied to the CC on file. In the case of a No Call/No Show, the full fee of the service will be charged to the CC on file. 

Use of Masks and Hand-Washing according to the CDC:

  • Once your face covering or face mask is on, don’t touch it. If you must touch or adjust your cloth face covering, you should perform hand hygiene immediately before and after.
  • The CDC recommends washing your hand for 20 seconds.

Additional Measures:

  • UV-C lights have been installed in our HVAC system to eliminate viruses, mold, and bacteria that might circulate throughout the air.
  • As you approach our front porch you will find a hand washing station for you to wash your hands before entering the building.

On behalf of  the entire Soluna Family, we look forward to serving you!

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