Freddie Zeringue presents The Healing 

Friday, May 15th – Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Freddie Zeringue Presents The Healing. The Healing is a Maggical journey where you will learn to influence the energy behind your condition, how to live the life you desire and have craved while deepening your self-love, self-confidence, and esteem.

This workshop examines the keys to emotional freedom, love, prosperity and living with vibrancy. We all deserve to thrive. It’s time to rise above your suffering.

This powerful new workshop transverses the paradigm of pain and suffering from inside out, putting the power back in your hands. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. In this wonderfully empowering experience you will learn:

To convert suffering into vibrance and to release years of pain and suffering. You will learn how to have a healthier, fuller life, how to interpret the message behind the pain and release the stresses that intensify your condition. Learn how to unplug from old beliefs and to live free of emotional, mental and physical pain.

This workshop is lead by Freddie Zeringue, Publisher of Natural Awakenings Magazine & Author of The Art of Flow.

Dates: Friday-Sunday

May 15, 7-10pm
May 16, 10:30am-10pm
May 17, 11:30am-6pm

(These times include breaks throughout the day. Please bring your own snack, lunch, & drink. Tea & water will be provided.)


  • $149 for in advance (Register before May 14th)
  • $199 at the door (Registering the day of May 15th)