Yoga Therapy Training

Yoga Therapy: The Amrit Method of Body Psychology Immersion

Part 2/2

With Chitra Marie Bailey, Psy. D., 500 ERYT.

Yoga Therapy works with the invisible root of visible symptoms.

Life is energy. It is meant to flow through us, each time leaving us broader, richer and evolving us for having known it. When we experience more intensity than we can handle, we shut this process down. Experiences come, but they do not go. Resisted experiences do not disappear. They circulate in on themselves and eventually move into density, becoming a block – showing up as the lens through which we perceive life, acting as a cramp in energy flow–compromising immune capacity, vitality, and even affecting the physical and cellular structure of the body. In short, we end up visibly wearing our problems rather than invisibly resolving them.

This style of yoga therapy is distinct in that it works at the subtle root causes to assist in the resolution of visible symptoms. The body becomes the repository of the physical, mental and emotional tensions.

Subtle tensions move from steam to water to ice; affecting thoughts and emotions, creating areas of tension, limitation and pain– affecting our breath, posture, health, stress level, sleep and digestion. Even when we have a purely physical injury, our fears, worries, and tensions will tend to accumulate around the weakest point of the body. This can cause areas of chronic pain, weakness or tightness, limiting our range of motion and affecting the way we sit, stand and sleep.

Yoga Therapy is designed to locate and release these tensions, allowing for:

  • Improved posture and range of motion
  • Reduction of chronic pain
  • Release of chronic tension
  • Changes in habitual patterns of standing and sitting
  • Long term restoration of body function after injury or surgery
  • Increased energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Emotional balance
  • Transformation of unhealthy thinking patterns
  • Release of past pre-programming at subtle and gross levels

You must have already completed the 46 hour Part 1 of the Immersion:

Immersion Weekend #1:

May 6, 7, 8, 2017

Immersion Weekend #2:

May 20, 21, 22, 2017

You will also be required to attend 2 Yoga Therapy Classes at Soluna.

Register before April 30.


  • Rate $799
  • Deposit $250
All registration/sign ups are with the Amrit Institute. If you have questions or would like to register for this training, please call the registration office at 352-685-3001. You may also write us at with any general inquiries.
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