Yoga of 12 Step Recovery

Private Session | Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (60 or 90 Minutes)

Y12SR is a unique program that blends the principles of a 12-step program with the ancient wisdom of yoga. Y12SR addresses issues such as addiction, trauma and codependency to name a few. The mantra for Y12SR is: “The issues live in our tissues”. There is a direct connection between body, mind & spirit; the core of yoga is UNION; a meeting of all of these elements. Addiction can plainly be seen as the “dis-ease of the lost self”.
Yoga can bring YOU back to YOU. This is a 1 hour or 90 minute Private Yoga Session.

While Y12SR is no substitute for therapy, these sessions can give you the tools to accept the circumstances affecting your life no matter the cause and create pathways to balance and authenticity.

About the Teacher:
Deborah has been an Esthetician since 2001, and a yoga teacher since 2014. In 2018 she completed the course and received a certificate in the Y12SR training, Yoga of 12-Step Recovery, a powerful framework for addiction recovery and relapse prevention which allows students to explore an addiction recovery model that connects the dots between the ancient wisdom of yoga, neuroscience breakthroughs, and the practical tools of 12-step programs. Deb has been striving for many years to become more aware and live a clean and sober lifestyle. She started doing yoga in 2009 and has not stopped. It has become a powerful tool in keeping her sober…. Her Mantra in yoga and in life: practice not perfection.

As an Esthetician, Deb is able to intuitively guide her clients into a simple home-care routine that will boost the results you receive in the treatment room. She uses products, tricks and treatments that give real results, enhance your natural beauty and won’t overwhelm. Deb’s mottos is: K.I.S.S.; keep it simple sister! (or brother!). Deborah recently moved back to Jacksonville after many years in Portland, OR and most recently Atlanta, GA. She started her career in the Spa industry in Atlanta, in 2001, and has worked in the Med Spa industry for many years became an Oncology Esthetician in 2013, after receiving training with Touch for Cancer in Vancouver BC. She understands how chronic health issues, hormones, medications, and stress can affect the skin and the body.

Deb is available for skin and body care treatments as well as Y12SR classes & private yoga sessions at Soluna Yoga+Spa and is happy to offer input and guidance to meet your unique needs.

Additional info about this Private Session:
This is a Donation Based Private Session, pay what you can on a sliding scale: 1 hour: $45-$70; 90 minute: $65-$100

NOTE: If it is your first time to our studio, please arrive 10 minutes before the session begins. We suggest arriving early or on time. Bring a yoga mat and water. We ask that you not wear any heavy fragrances and refrain from smoking before entering the studio.