Reiki Master Teacher Training

This course enrollment is for the certification to be a Reiki Master (Reiki III) TEACHER, Offered on Saturday, January 28th, from 3-6pmpm. Those who would like to become a Reiki Master Teacher would need to sign up for both this course and the Reiki Master Training, offered on the same day from 11am-2pm. The Reiki I certification is included in the cost of the Reiki Master Teacher Training. Those who take this course, may take the Reiki I certification course to learn more about how the classes are conducted.

For individuals interested in continuing their growing & healing with Reiki, and perhaps also wanting to teach Reiki, Robin is offering a Master Reiki (Reiki III) Class and a Master Teacher Class. The essence of the Reiki Master Training is steeping yourself in Reiki in order to expand and evolve. It is a process of being and becoming, not just doing.

The Reiki Master Teacher Class teaches you how to teach Reiki I and II. The training is divided into separate levels. Each level is whole and complete and builds on the previous one. Since immersing yourself deeply in Reiki is the heart of the program, and since only you can determine what – immersion means to you, this is an independent study program that culminates in a one day intensive. Robin will provide a list of suggested activities to encourage using Reiki in a variety of settings to increase your experiential understanding of this ancient form of healing. Alignment with your Self and being Reiki is an ongoing process. Willingness to continuously engage in this process furthers your evolution and can lead to the sustained recognition and ultimate experience that you are universal life force. An Initiation alone does not make you a Reiki Master. Commitment and the intention to be Reiki produces increased self-awareness, expanding your relationship with Reiki, with your Self, and with the world.

The focus of Reiki Master Training is process, not content. Your deep involvement with Reiki does the training. The Reiki energy, your practice, Robin’s support, together with your commitment and passion create a synergistic training finely tuned to you and your needs. The Reiki Master Training empowers you to become the Reiki Master you are meant to be.

Prerequisites: If, after six months to one year of using Reiki I and Reiki II, you feel that Reiki Master Teacher Training is a match with your values and goals, please apply to prior to enrolling in this course. Your email will be send to Robin for review. In this email please tell her about yourself, your Reiki experience and experiences, and why you feel you are ready to become a Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher. You will need to enroll in the Reiki Master Training that Robin is offering at Soluna or have completed any Reiki Master Training prior to be accepted in this course.

About the Instructor:
Robin is a Reiki Master Practitioner and educator. She is in the second lineage from one of the original 22 Reiki Masters in the United States. Those 22 are second lineage from Dr. Usui, the original Reiki Master. She has also been practicing yoga for over 30 years. She began her Yoga Teacher Training for personal growth, and finished realizing that this is something she needed to share. She is also a Master Reiki Practioner. She has a deep connection to all living things. Her warmth and caring is felt on and off the mat. Visit her website to learn more

$250 Reiki Master (Reiki III) Teacher Training Certification

Please email or call us if you have any questions or would like to sign up. You may also sign up via this Link (you will be redirected to our online store in a new window)