Karma Yoga

This is a donation based class. Donation is on a sliding scale of $5-$20. Memberships and class packages do not apply to this class.
Join us supporting our Teachers who have freshly graduated from the Yoga Teacher Training course. These teachers are stepping into the role of a yoga teacher, offering this Karma yoga class as a donation to the public to help them grow and learn how to lead a class. They will be leading you in a Gentle Yoga practice. This class is ideal for those new to yoga or those who would like to create more of a foundation in their practice. It is a meditative, alignment-focused class that combines the fluid movements of Vinyasa and the deep stretching of Yin and Hatha Yoga. This class incorporates mediation and mindful movement. This class is not heated.
Benefits: Nourishes the joints, increases flexibility and strength, improves posture, and calms the mind. Support new teachers.
Good for:New students and those seeking to build a strong foundation. Also good for those who are on a budget, donate what you can from $5-$20.
At Soluna, yoga is not merely a physical exercise, but is practiced with the intention of expanding our mind/body awareness. Nearly all classes are 75 minutes long, begin in mediation and end in Savasana. Our classes are suitable for everyone regardless of experience. Each student’s abilities and limitations are respected and honored.

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